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Need to want less…

Lunes, 26 abril 2010



Lunes, 26 abril 2010

An anti-functional accumulation of atavistic monuments engaged in a process of continuous poetic reproduction


Miércoles, 21 abril 2010

Buenas filosofía by Cecilia Carlstedt

Money as Debt

Lunes, 19 abril 2010

¿Qué es el DINERO?

Gerhard Richter

Jueves, 15 abril 2010

Gerhard Richter : painted photographs in Morsbroich – abstract pictures in Cologne, 4900 colours in London

The Museum Morsbroich presents “Gerhard Richter. Übermalte Fotografien“ (painted photographs), an almost unknown series of work by the internationally renowned artist.

Form is all we have to help us cope with fundamentally chaotic facts and assaults

Alimanes… por Brendan Wenzel

Jueves, 15 abril 2010

Dibujos muy chulos de alimanes… por Brendan Wenzel

The Story of Stuff

Lunes, 12 abril 2010

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Si no tienes 20 min para ver estos vídeos tranquilamente y reflexionar un poco… mejor que no los veas !!

Por Annie Leonard & Free Range Studios